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Since 2003,Sandawo Ecobag as a manufacturer of various eco-friendly materials made bags, including Polypropylene Woven bags, Polypropylene Non-woven bags, Paper bags, Cotton & Canvas bags , Polyester bags, Recycled PET bags, and other miscellaneous ones.

Our products mainly adopt the materials as following:
1. Polypropylene Non-woven
2. Polypropylene Woven
3. Paper & Kraft Paper
4. Cotton & Canvas
5. Polyester / Nylon
6. Recycled PET (RPET)

Made of these environmentally friendly materials, our finished bags are really sustainable & reusable popularly sold in various grocery stores, retail stores and supermarkets.

We always welcome customers’ own designs in any size, any color, any shape.

Sandawo Ecobags cares for the environment by producing eco-friendly products. Our bag factory has been ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certified in 2007. Fair trade & Fair labour is the basic idea of our factory. All the workers have good living & working conditions in the factory. And we carry out metal-detect before the bags packing, to ensure safe packaging. We are a well established stable business with a good reputation and image with a variety of customers, from small to large ones.

We are serious and pay more attention about our CSR ( corporate social responsibility) image to society and the world. We pay our employees a higher rate than the national labor law regulation, to encourage the workers to work with a good and happy spirit. Also we choose our suppliers of fabrics with the same policy.

We believe that High Quality Bags and International Management Services are the best ways to attract and maintain our clients’ long termed cooperation relationship. We understand that our high quality product, best service, competitive price, on-time delivery would bring win-win success to both our customers and us.

Daniel Zhang


The Leader in Sandawo Pack. 10 Years of experience in package industry to provide excellent customer services. With ability to meet customer needs or identifying an addressing customer concerns.

Account Manager
Jason Yang


Key account manager in Sandawo Pack.Energetic sales professional with a knack for matching customers with optimal products and services to meet their specific needs.Consistently received excellent feedback from customers.

Jill Wu-Sales Manager
Jill Wu


The sales manager in SandawoPack,offer presentation and solutions due to different client’s need,control production procedure, optimize delivery time and doing.

Michael Hu-Sales Manager
Michael Hu


The sales manager online, work hard to bring hot-sales products to improve customers business at reasonable price.

Joyce Ming-Sales Consultant
Joyce Ming


Have been entered Sandawo Pack since 2013. Doing foreign trade,communicate with customers and help them to establish,produce and delivery our goods to them.

Lucy Gao-Sales Consultant
Lucy Gao


The sales consultant in Sandawo Pack, provide suggestion and solutions for customers.

Bob Song-Bussiness Assistant
Bob Song


The assistant in SandawoPack. Responsible for purchasing materials for my department and send to workshop, Provide adequate inventory for sales.

Olive Fang-Sales Consultant
Olive Fang


To booking shipment,doing export docs,clearing customs,and controlling risks in Sandawo Pack.