In this section, We would like to give you a brief of some bag accessories that we usually use. According to you requirments, you may need it or not. The following items are just for your refrerence, so if you have your own idea, please let us know to make it for you.


1. Handle

2. Piping / Binding

3. Metal Eyelet

4. Snap Button & Velcro

5. Zipper

6. Plastic Cord Stopper / Cord Lock

7. Barcode & Brand Tag

8. Customized Sewing Label

9. Baseboard


1. Handle

Please noted, the handles we provide are availble in a wide range of colors, we will try our best to match your color. Of course they also can be customized as per your own speical color if your order quantities are at a certain level.

For Non-woven Bags, Usually there are 3 kinds of handles that we make,

1) Non-woven strap and Lamination non-woven strap. 2) Nylon Webbing strap. 3) Cord / Rope

Accessories-Nylon Straps Accessories--Non woven Handle Accessories-Cord Handle Accessories--Nylon or Polyester Handle Accessories--Lamination Non Woven Handle
Nylon Straps   Non woven Handle Cord Handle Nylon Handle Lamination Non Woven Handle


For PP Woven Bags. Usually we use Nylon webbing strap for the handles.

1) Nylon webbing strap. 2) PP woven (body-self materail). 3) Cord / Rope.

Acessories-nylonstrap1 Accessories-nylonstrap2 Accessories-cord_1 Accessories-selfwovenstraps1 Accessories-selfbodymaterial
Nylon Handle   Double Nylon Handles Cord Handles with Metal Eyelets PP Woven Handle Bag Body Handle


For Paper Bags. Usually we use the following material to do the handles.

1) Cord / Rope. 2) Ribbon. 3) Gross grain

accessories-cord accessories-flatnail accessories-nail accessories-cord_4 accessories-cord_5
Cord / Rope T-End Cord T-End Cord Cord Handle Cord Handle
accessories-cord_6 accessories-cord_7 accessories-cord_8 accessories-grossgrain accessories-ribbon
Cord Handle Cord Handle Cord Handle Ribbon Gross Grain

4) Flat kraft handles, and Twisted kraft handles, Normally they are for kraft paper bag

Accessories-flat paper handle Accessories-flat handle Accessories-twisted handles Accessories-twisted handle for paper bag Accessories-twisted handle for kraft paper bag
Flat Kraft Handle   Flat Kraft Handle Colors of Handle Twisted Handle Twisted Handle

5 ) Die Cutting. Sometimes some of bags don’t have a handle. but just make a die cutting eye for hands grasping, such as the following ones.

Accessories-diecut kraft bag Accessories-diecut_3 Accessories-diecut_4 Accessories-1 Accessories-diecut_5
Diecut Handle for PP Woven Bag Diecut Handle for Non Woven Bag Diecut Handle for Paper Bag Diecut Handle for PP Woven Bag  Ultrasonic Bag


For other bags, we can do as per your specification.

If above handles can not meet your requirment and you have your own idea about the handles, please let us know. we are sure we can get it for you

2. Piping / Binding

A piping we call is just a strap for covering the edge and sewing the edges together. Usually we use the following material for piping.

1) Non woven. 2) PP Woven. 3) PVC. 4) Nylon webbing.

Accessories-nonwoven_1 Accessories-nonwoven_2 Accessories-nonwoven piping Accessories-pp webbing Accessories-woven_2
Non Woven Binding for Non Woven Bag Non Woven Piping for Non Woven Bag Non-woven Piping for Lamintion Bag PP Webbing for Lamintion Bag PP Woven Piping for PP Woven Bag

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3. Metal Eyelet

Metal eyelets are used for not only reinforcing the handles and also making the bags more fashionable, Yes, they are availbe in a wide range of colors.

Accessories-metal eyelet Accessories- metal eyelet_1 Accessories-color eyelet_2 Accessories-metal eyelet_3 Accessories-eyelet_4
Metal Eyelets Metal Eyelet for Drawstring Bag Metal Eyelet for Paper Bag Metal Eyelet for Non Woven Bag Metal Eyelet for Non Woven Bag


4. Snap Button & Velcro

A snap button or a velcro is used for closing the bag or a pocket on the bag

Accessories-plastic button Accessories-metal button Accessories-close button_1 Accessories-close button_2 Accessories-velcro close
Snap Button Metal Snap Button Snap Button for Shopping Bag Snap Button for Non Woven Bag Velcro for Promotion Bag


5. Zipper

A zipper is used for closing the bag or a pocket on the bag

Accessories-zip Accessories-zip_1 Accessories-zip_3 Accessories-zipper Accessories-zip_4
Zipper Zipper with MetalPull Header Zipper for CoolerBag Zipper for NonWoven Bag Zipper for PPWoven Bag


6. Plastic Cord Stopper / Plastic Buckle

A plastic clip locker is just used for some of drawstring bags, and Plastic buckle is for adjusting strap.

Accessories-lock Accessories-lock_1 Accessories-lock_2 Accessories-buckle Accessories-buckle_1
Cord Stopper Cord Stopper Cord Stopper Plastic Buckle Plastic Buckle


7. Barcode & Brand Tag

If your bags will be sold in supermarkets or retail stores, you may need a barcode tag with the bags. Also you may need a brand tag with your logo and brand printing.

Accessories-tag_3 Accessories-tag Accessories-tag_2 Accessories-barcode_2 Accessories-barcode_1
Brand Tag Brand Tag Brand Tag Barcode Barcode


8. Customized Sewing Label

A sewing label like garments having can be printed or embroidered with your company logo or some information that you want to tell your customers. The lable can be sewn inside or outside of the bag. Please see the following pictures. if you need a cutomized sewing label with your bags, let us know, we can do it for you.

Accessories-lable Accessories-wash lable Accessories-Embroidered Accessories-emb lable2 Accessories-lable for bag2
Sewing Label Sewing Label Embroidered Sewing Label Embroidered Sewing Label Label Tag


9. Baseboard

Our bags can be put a baseboard inside, the baseboard can reinforce the bottom and keep the bottom from breaking when loading some sharp and hard stuff. The material of baseboards we used are normally as follows.

1) PE bottom baseboard

2) PVC bottom baseboard

3) PP bottom baseboard

4) Paper Cardboard.

5) Wrapped Baseboard

Accessories-ppboard Accessories-pp bottom card Accessories-wrapped Accessories-papercard Accessories-PP Woven Covered bottomcard
PVC Board PP Board Wrapped Baseboard Paper Cardboard Woven Covered

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