“It was a very tight schedule, and it was completed on time.”

testimonial-Vice President
Andrew SolomonVice President

“Delivered to UK in 9 days from when ordered. great bags,good quality and size.very good deal +++AAA+++”

testimonial-Marketing Director
Yonatan NetanyahuMarketing Director

“If all our projects had this much attention to detail and customer satisfaction, my life would be a lot easier”

testimonial-Wholesale Buyer
RosalynTureckWholesale Buyer

“Sandawobag is very in-tune and attentive to the plant’s needs and time frame.always good and competitive price.”

testimonia-Merchandising Manager
Mohammad SameerMerchandising Manager

“It was a pleasure to work with the Sandawo team. I hope to work with the team again. Thanks for a great job!”

testimonial-general manager
John SmithGeneral Manager