Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) latest survey report shows that the country’s plastic shopping bag recycling rate has exceeded 90 percent mark, rising to 93%. This data shows that Canada has made significant progress in plastic recycling.
CPIA noted that in recent years, the Canadian government attaches great importance to the development of the recycling industry, in addition to the construction of some infrastructure, but also a lot of organizational planning waste recycling project. This is for businesses and individuals to provide a great convenience for regeneration contribute to the cause.

It is reported that Canadian residents in the classification of plastic shopping bags, which can be sent directly to the local municipal waste collection point or community retail stores, and then by a dedicated staff to be shipped waste recycling plant for secondary production. In addition, Canada CM consulting firm in its report titled “plastic shopping bags and other recycled PE film,” the said, at present, more than 60% of the residents of municipal recycling programs through specialized trial operation point to other plastic bags and plastic flexible packaging for recycling.